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Most pool owners, likes to have fun with your pet, so it is important to point out to
users the importance of maintaining proper hygiene your pool. There are several
diseases that can affect humans and animals. Diseases can be considered zoonoses
(affecting animals and are transmitted the man – and backwards) and antropozoonoses
(affect human and are transmitted animals). A recommendation is not to allow the access
of domestic animals (dogs and cats) and wild (mainly rodents) the pools. Even though
these are belonging to the family. In the case of domestic animals as being unreasonable,
they do not have adequate hygienic behavior. A major transmitted diseases the water is
leptospirosis, transmitted by the urine of rats and wild rodents contaminated by Leptospira.
Dogs that are infected with leptospirosis can transmit the disease to humans through the
urine. Rainwater can carry Leptospira to the pool water, contaminating it. There are also
Other routes of infection of this disease such as: contact of skin or mucous membrane
contaminated with urine and less likely, for food. Therefore, it should be condition dogs
to eliminate their waste in distant places of the pools where rainwater does not lead them
to the swimming pool.


Preventive measures
If, despite the risks, you decide to allow your pets to enter the pool water, seek to ensure some important preventive measures such as:
keep the pool water always treated very well, especially on the free chlorine residual (which easily inactivates the majority of microorganisms); always make a shock rust after use of the pool for the animals; often collect water sample and send it to both physical and chemical analysis and bacteriological; subjecting the animals to periodic medical examinations; make the whole vaccines (V-8 and rabies) with annual boosters in epidemic areas, or every six months (available on the market specific vaccines for leptospirosis); remove food and water the animals after meals; clean them and keep them at least twice a day, thus preventing rodents are attracted by food debris; maintaining hygiene of their pets, facts that can prevent the onset of diseases by eliminating the feces and other impregnated dirt in his coat, anthelmintic them every six months with anti-parasitic drugs and, when they express any health problems, refer them for a qualified professional (veterinarian) to be properly cared for.

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Article authored :
Fabiana Yukie Icassati Takahashi – Méd. Veterinária
Janete Yamana – Méd. Veterinária